Infinite X4
by Void Acoustics
Technical Details: Click Here
Weight: 8.70 Kg's
Voltage: 230
Light weight amp 2 x 610 watts into 4 ohms

The Infinite X series of amplifiers have been created to provide the ultimate in performance and definition. Years of comparative listening and evaluation have resulted in a range of amplifiers worthy of the X rating. A multitude of different supply configurations were rigorously tested until the ultimate sonic accuracy and power to weight ratio was discovered. Our research discovered that what goes in comes out, so a PSU capable of delivering nearly 8KVa is used in the Infinite X6. Traditional SMP amplifiers with the output of the Infinite X6 might only use a PSU up to 4KVa, but our test confirmed the limitations of employing an SMP with little or no headroom. The Infinite X4 and X5 also make use of an SMP with nearly double the required rating. Reliability was also a main priority and an intensive search for the latest cutting edge components has lead to a series with unparalleled stamina. By using a state of the art super high frequency switch modulated supply, efficiency levels are extremely high while weight has been kept to a minimum. The X series also makes use of a newly developed advanced class AB mosfet output stage, this being favoured to a digital output stage because of the overriding requirement for reproducing the highest fidelity with maximum reliability. Every X series amplifier is hand made in the UK by our own dedicated amplifier department. The same department is also responsible for all PCB manufacturing, transformer winding and final QC testing.
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